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Leadership Style Evaluation After reading the chapters from The Leader’s Window: Mastering the Four Styles of Leadership to Build High-Performing Teams, I have determined that I alternate between all four styles during the course of business. However, the primary style of leadership that I incorporate most often in my role as leader is that of the problem solver. As a registered nurse and medical case manager, I am faced with a variety of problems to solve. Some of these problems are urgent and others often need further study and consideration. As a problem solver, I look for immediate solutions to the problems and often seek the advice the team before making a decision. My style of leadership is more of a supportive role rather than a directive role. In order to be supportive, I prefer to build my team’s confidence, assist them to accomplish the tasks, and inspire them to be accountable and responsible. Although I encourage the members of my team to assume the responsibility of decision making, I still want an active role in the process. My input on the process is still very important in my role as leader. A weakness associated with a problem solver style of leadership is these types of leaders may be seen as over-involving. Team members often feel irritated at the time spent in meetings or the leaders’ inability to allow other team members to make decisions independently. Team members may also feel the essential concerns or dilemmas are not being addressed. The team may perceive the leader as arranging meetings for appearance sake, discussing issues but failing to listen to the team members, and including team members but not allowing them to provide solutions to the problem or to take appropriate actions. Leadership Style Comparison The leadership roles on my team vary as do the members. Through thorough assessment of each of their leadership styles,

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