Leadership Essay

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Identifying My Personal Style In The Light Of LSI Rayhana Sultana tinni58@yahoo.com MGT 591 Dr. Finlay Personal Thinking Style My Primary thinking style: Considering the Circumplex profile of mine it revealed that, I got 90% in conventional style ( under passive/defensive style) which is consider to mine primary style. * Conventional style ( 4 o’clock position) related people are those who afraid to take risks, think about the rules more than the ideas and prefer to stay unnoticed. * I would definitely relate myself with this style because I am a very conservative person. I don’t like people to notice me in a crowd. * I never indulge myself in any situation where I have to lead people. I strictly maintain the rules and procedure at my work which sometimes overshadow my creativity in my work. * In my professional life I am more like a person who does not like changes to be occurring and I love to follow with the normal wave. * Therefore, the rules revealed the truth which is me. In any discussion whether in a class or at work sometimes I do feel that I have a lot of thing say but because of my conservative attitude I fail to do that which lead me to hide my talent and reduce self –believe. I always believe that I am convention in my personal life but that does not effect into my professional life. My backup thinking style: Considering the Circumplex profile of mine it revealed that, in my backup thinking style I got 85% in both in approval style ( under passive/defensive style) and achievement-oriented style ( under constructive style). * Approval style ( 3 o’clock position) is more about getting authorization from others for every work you have done or will do in the future and always furnish attention to about others opinion. * People with this style is more alert about
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