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PPT Presentation Slide #2: Wallace and Edward shared the same Leadership Characteristics: They both shared the following characteristics, Mission, Vision, Goal, Competency, Strong team, Communication skills, Interpersonal skills, A "can do, get it done" attitude, Inspiration and Ambition. (Edward was a tyrant, who had Power, Control, and Self-Admiration) Transactional Leadership: Wallace was not of noble birth, nor did he grow up learning to fight in battles. Exceptional fighter and a strategist that led him to success and helped him lead people in battles. His vision was to fight for freedom He fought against the system fight quite successfully. He Emulated success in his leadership he grew up as a fighter led through by his circumstances. Transformation came about by learning to live against the system and growing to fight against it. Wallace vs. Edward Leadership Traits Visionary; holds a clear, compelling, well thought-out, and constructive vision for the future. Focused while maintaining broad perspective. | Visionary, but fixated on a narrow view. Narrowly focused. | Determined; they persistently pursue their goal and are undaunted by obstacles and setbacks. | Relentless, tenacious, unyielding, rigid, close-minded, dogmatic, and stubborn. | Influential; communicates passionately to engage people. | Influential, charismatic, captivating, engaging. | Passionate; remains committed and focused on the goal with heart and soul. | Obsessed; the goal is all that matters. It must be achieved at all costs. | Increase trust Followers are intrinsically motivated and provide enduring support. | Increase fear. Followers are extrinsically motivated and support ends when the coercion ends. Often resentment

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