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1. What is the distinct link between strategic management and leadership in the above scenarios. What necessitated Dan to hire C.M. Perme & Associates as consultants? Explain using examples to explain the links between functions, with particular emphasis on meeting strategic objectives of Dan J (Criteria 1.1) Hint 1.1: Explain the link between strategic management and leadership Strategic management and leadership: functions of strategic management eg. Reviewing strategic aims and objectives, improving organizational performance, creating, communicating and implementing change, developing and leading high performance teams, strategic decision making; definitions of leadership eg Mintzberg’s 10 Managerial Roles; followership; direct versus indirect leadership; link between strategic management and leadership eg the skills of the leader to achieve the strategic objectives For learning outcome 1, it is important that learners understand that strategic leadership is required to respond to the challenges organizations face in relation to today’s rapid rate of change and globalization. In order to understand leadership requirements in organizations, learners need to explore the fundamentals of the concept of followership and the relationship between leaders and followers. Use the Scenario to unfold this unambiguously and support with other examples and illustrations through class illustrations and research as advised in the eclass. Tutors could provide input on the key elements that underpin effective followership and types of follower (for example isolate, bystander, participant, activist and diehard) using case studies of leader-follower interactions. Learners need to appreciate the importance of leaders needing to adopt a strategic approach to examine the causes of organizational change and the impact of culture and systems on the organization, as well as

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