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Abstract This essay discusses the meaning of leadership and its comparison with management. It explores different theories of authors and their views about leadership. The different kinds of leaders, their qualities and traits will be discussed in the essay. Further, it will be discussed what it takes to be a leader and if leadership can be learned. According to some authors, leadership is a natural trait and it cannot be learned while there are a few objections to this view by other authors which will be clearly discussed in this essay. How leadership brings about a change in any organization or place and the leader’s qualities and attitudes that do bring about a change will also be focused in the essay. Keywords: leadership, management, change. Leadership and Its Relationship with Management According to Harry S. Truman, leadership is getting something done from people what they don’t like to do and like it instead (sadler, 2004). Leadership is a very vast field and there has been a thorough research into it highlighting its main characteristics and features (Antonakis, 2004). Introduction According to (Bennis, 1999), there are seven qualities that are necessary for a leader: Firstly, he should have technical competence that is strong grasp of one’s field. Second, he should possess conceptual skills that is ability of strategic thinking, he should have a track record of his previous achievements, should possess people skills and ability of communication and motivation, he should have a taste of identifying new talent and Judgement skills should be present to make quick decisions with vague data and lastly, he should have a strong character that defines him. (Selznick, 1957) describes clear differences between leadership at lower levels of organization referred to as interpersonal leadership and at the top levels of the large organizations referred to as

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