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Leadership and motivation styles differ from person to person, that is why it is essential for managers to be familiar with their leadership style and how their particular leadership affects their office. Leadership is subjective by various effects that is why it is imperative to recognize how and why your leadership style is what it is. There are several contributors that move into place when a leadership style is developed within an individual. Effective leadership is essential in health care organizations as in other organizations. It is necessary for driving innovation, effective patient care, patient safety, improving working within clinical teams, sorting out issues within emergency context and other aspects necessary for effective and efficient running of healthcare organizations. The Broward County Health Department has several leadership styles in the organization such as transformational, relational, and situational. Although, one specific style that sticks out is the Transformational Style in the health department. Effective leadership and management have been found to contribute to efficiency of health care services, performance (McColl-Kennedy and Anderson 2002) and satisfaction of staff employed within them. One of the managers that oversee the pediatrics department at the Broward County Health Department style is Transformational Relational Leadership. Transformational leadership is a widely advocated approach for healthcare. Transformational leadership is one of the modern leadership approaches that are apprehensive with how and individual influences others in a group to achieve a common goal. The Relational leadership style acknowledges the want for more variable systems in health care that empowers every person that are attained such as medical staff, patients and their families, and the physicians. Furthermore, leadership

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