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If we stop for one second to observe the things that surround us, we can see that almost all establishments are ran by business organizations. We live in a capitalist world. To keep up with the society’s status quo, we must understand how these business organizations work, how they run, and how they succeed. The problem with today’s business organizations is that they managed in a narrow perspective. Management or simply the “playing safe” of how business organizations maintain and sustain their business is the mainstream or usual way of managing businesses. We have to start looking from different perspectives: from the managers’ point of view, from the customers’ point of view and even the employees’ point of view. We see here the importance of leadership, looking at not only our own well-being and the success of the business, but also the well-being of those involved in the functions of the business. Business organizations are a group of people brought together for the common purpose of creating and keeping customers (Tracy, 2002). They are made to offer services and products that society or the customers need and want. Managers, who work with basic principles of keeping the business to run smoothly, typically run business organizations. These are management itself, the internal organization of businesses, the services that businesses offer, the marketing strategies that businesses make, the innovations in improving businesses, and the money or profit that businesses earn. Business organizations are structured by a ladder of employees and managers. The most common organizational structure involves top managers (i.e. the CEO and Vice Presidents) and middle managers (i.e. those managers that personally handle a business’s personnel) as illustrated in the following page (Figure 1): (Sunshine, 2011) Although there are many factors that affect how a

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