Leadership Essay

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D. Evaluate your personal performance using responses from the peer evaluation report by doing the following: 1. Discuss how one of your strengths can be utilized in the workplace. While working with my team, I did a self assessment in the process so as to identify my strengths as a valid team member. I was more competent because I understood what my strengths were in other to complete our tasks on the team front. I am a structured person that follows through to complete duties at work, generally within or in advance of the deadline set. I am very accommodating in meeting responsibilities. I have been going through a lot of challenges and that have put me in constant stress but during our leadership class and team work, I relentlessly worked on my part of assignment and attending meetings only missing the very first one because the time set was different from the time given to my mentor. I worked to keep my team informed of when I’ll send in my work and usually it’s sent around the time it’s due. I have my private ordeals but I have contributed productively in meeting my division’s requirements and as a result am an important part of the division, thanks to my great and able team. Through my experience on team H, I realized that having a positive attitude in our work helped me to complete assignments so as not to keep the rest behind, yet someone on the team taught otherwise. I am satisfied that Paul was on our team because he allowed the teams strength to excel, instead of seeing it as arrogance on our part. I choose to recognize positive and upbeat quality of team mates without compromising my own strong points. I take on tasks that stress my strong component and because I have recognized my strengths, I decided to assume tasks that will utilize my strong point to its capacity. I believe that my strengths are my best quality and will help me in all I do,
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