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QUESTION NO.1 Transactional leadership is that leader engage in a bargaining relationship with their followers. Transformational leadership is developing employees in accepting the organization’s mission. Discuss. Transactional leadership focuses on the transactions between leaders and their followers .Transformational leadership, in contrast, is a leadership approach that inspires change in individuals. Transformational Leadership Transformational leadership is distinguished from transactional leadership in that it aims at innovation, while the latter is focused on planning and execution. Furthermore, transactional leadership focuses on rewards and punishments in order to achieve goals. These characteristics suggest that transformational leadership strives to create new opportunities for employees in an organization, whereas transactional style works off of an existing structure Another distinguishing feature between the two styles is that transformational leadership aims at motivating people while transactional leadership focuses on the use of manipulation of power and authority. The intrinsic characteristics of transformational leaders are the main drivers behind effective behaviors. Leader's behavior is influenced by four factors: self confidence, integrity, honesty, and personal values. The primary driving force behind effective performance is the leader's ability to connect his or her life experiences with transformational behaviors. Once such connection is established, it leads to external transformation, resulting in organizational transformation. For example, when a leader starts to believe that his work can make a difference; his intentions transcend beyond personal motives and are geared towards the greater good. Transformational leadership appeals to higher motivation, while improving the quality of life for the members of an organization.

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