Leadership Essay

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The Art and Science of Leadership Question 1: Develop the profile of a highly effective leader who can inspire his/her followers to fulfill the organization missions and achieve its objectives. We recognize effective leaders when we work with them or observe them. However, leadership is a complex process, and there are many different definitions of leadership effectiveness. Some researchers, such as Fred Fiedler, defined leadership effectiveness in terms of group performance. According to this view, leaders are effective when their group performs well. Others like Robert House's path consider followers satisfaction as a primary factor in determining leadership effectiveness. Before speaking about the effective leaders we should define Who Is the Leader?” • First, leadership is a group phenomenon; there can be no leaders without followers. As such, leadership always involves interpersonal influence or persuasion. • Second, leadership is goal directed and plays an active role in groups and organizations. Leaders use influence to guide others through a certain course of action or toward the achievement of certain goals. • Third, the presence of leaders assumes some form of hierarchy within a group. In some cases, the hierarchy is formal and well defined, with the leader at the top; in other cases, it is informal and flexible A leader is any person who influences individuals and groups within an organization, helps them establish goals, and guides them toward the achievement of these goals, thereby allowing them to be effective. Leaders are effective when their group is successful in maintaining internal stability and external adaptability, while achieving goals. One way to take a broad view of effectiveness is to consider leaders effective when their group is successful in maintaining internal stability and external adaptability while achieving
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