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BPMN 6043 LEADERSHIP IN ORGANIZATION INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT “HOW TO BE A GOOD LEADER” PREPARED BY: NIK AMALINA BINTI NIK ISMAIL (MATRIC NO. 811145) LECTURER: DR. AMER BIN HAJI DARUS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA Page | 1 1.0 Introduction This paper is about a study on Leadership in Organization that discuss “how to be a good leader”. From this study we can analyzes and identify personal characteristics of a good leader. As we know a good leader who are the person responsible to achieve the organization goal. Before talking about Good Leader, Cambridge Dictionary (2008) defined “good” is better, best, able to do something well, kind of helpful, positive or useful effect and Cambridge Dictionary (2008) defined a word “leader” is a person in control of a group, country or situation. Combining these definitions would lead to the conclusion that a good leader is someone who looks at the whole picture, that does not only looking one side, who is not afraid of change, who is brave to take a risk and able to solve a problem. A good leader's first quality is to lead by example. They do not rush to conclusions or make decisions before they know all the facts. Also a good leader inspire others to be better with a kind personalities and best attitudes, good values, successful person and win their followers to achieve the goal. According to Daft (2011) he defined “leadership stems from a desire to make a difference in the lives of others and the world. It means believing in yourself and those you work with, loving what you do, and infusing others with energy and enthusiasm to accomplish a vision for a better future. There are leaders making a difference every day, not only in business like DuPont but in nonprofit organizations, the military, educational systems and governmental agencies, sport teams and volunteer committees, big cities and

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