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Introduction A leader is not necessarily defined as the director or the person who holds the highest authority in an organization, but those who can bring the organization towards achieving the vision and mission of the organization, founded by the capability to lead using their intelligence, skill, experience, level of seniority and so on. A leader is a person who can influence other people in an organization. Leadership can be defined as an influencing process to achieve the organization’s need (Yulk, 1998). In other words, leadership is a process to manipulate, move and persuade other people’s belief without violence and threat (Marquis & Huston). The intriguing point of leadership is the function of a leader in an organization with its own structure by creating a relationship between the leader and the followers to achieve excellence. The level of achievement in an organization depends on the leader’s strategy in order to drive the followers to strive for excellence. Thus, the unification and cooperation in an organization relies on the leader’s capability to lead. The Ministry of Health Malaysia always stresses on the teamwork, which is one of its corporate values. The practice of the corporate values will bring the organisation’s capacity to the next level, in providing a quality and excellent service. A leader becomes “specialist” (Norris, 2001) even though it is outside his area of specialisation then become more “substitution” (Nancarrow & Borthwick, 2005) among them. In achieving the aim of an organization, a leader has to be proactive by being an effective leader, and wisely choose the way he should lead his people. There are three types of leadership styles, as stated by Kelly-Heidenthal (2003), namely autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. Autocratic leadership includes a standardised decision making, in which the leader decides and

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