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“Got Milk Ad” Michelle Hood Health Information Technology 7/15/2012 Professor’s Prince The “got milk” ad that I chose from time magazine is the most popular line of ad featuring celebrities endorsing milk. The most recent “got milk “ads that added text milk can help you lose weight. The most popular one I found feature Elle Macpherson in 1998 a mother to be and she had on a maternity black all over suit. Mrs. MacPherson was wearing the famous milk mustache. This ad featuring the celebrities was encouraging pregnant women all over the world that milk is healthy for you and your baby. It displays Elle saying my baby is going to have a great body, not just because of my genet but because of my drinking milk. She went on to say I drink milk so my baby bones can get the calcium he or she will need to get strong. The ad was very expiring to most pregnant women to drink milk. The Got Milk ad was also famous for the line drink milk it does a body good. Everyone across the world was saying this line and drinking milk. The ad was not only advertised for regular milk but for all types two percent milk, soy milk, and also silk milk which was for people who couldn’t drink milk. Got milk ad was a good resource to learn about vitamin d which we need in our body to keep the bones stronger. The ad needed for milk to accompany certain foods. The intent of the ad was to sell more of the product. The overall benefit of drinking milk was if you drink three glasses of milk it gave you your calcium for your body and bones. Over the past two decades, the consumption of milk had been on a decline as soda, water, and other beverages replaced the household staple in the refrigerators of millions of Americans. In response to this regression, the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 was implemented, which “authorized a National Producer for dairy product promotion, research,

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