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Anna’s Leadership Lessons Anil Kaushik Management Expert – HR & IR Chief Editor, Business Manager – HR Magazine B-138, Ambedkar Nagar, Alwar – 301001 (Raj.) India, Mob. 09829133699 Email – akaushikus@yahoo.com www.businessmanager.co.in After independence, perhaps for the first time nation witnessed people united by a single thread across states, cities, villages and streets against corruption so massively echoing the call of Anna to end corruption by means of bringing a powerful legislation. Undoubtedly, the movement has taken the nation by storm and political leadership dumbfounded. This movement has exhibited the leadership traits of Ann and lot of lessons on leadership can be learnt by managers. Anna’s Leadership traits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Visionary Idea power Strong determination Practice what preaches Power of positive Moral fiber High credibility Making people realize about their potential Leading by example 10. Sustaining intra group pressures 11. Aligning actions with core values 1. Vision A leader can’t come on center stage unless he has a vision. Ann has a vision. He could visualize the anguish and agony brewing among people of the country against corruption and also the degrading values of political system and politicians. He has seen how the Govt. repeatedly did not care much about taking serious and remedial steps to contain corruption and allowed the bills to lapse time and again during last 40 years. He developed a vision of corruption free country which is taken up by people immediately across the castes and race. Leader in the organization has to be visionary. He should be capable of understanding external and internal social undercurrent. 2. Idea power Without the power of idea no movement can be successful which is specially aimed for a change. Anna having vision to remove the corruption from the country developed the idea of
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