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- "Because I'll bust my rear to exceed all of your expectations. I really want this job and will to what it takes to excel at it." - "I don't have a lot of work experience, but I've done several projects that closely mimic what your company is trying to accomplish. I haven't developed the bad habits common to programmers with a lot of job-related baggage and feel I have a lot to learn from your success." - "From what we've discussed about your company, it sounds like you need someone who is willing to come in, take direction, and just get the job done. I have some experience in new technologies that you may find valuable in the future, but for now I'd be happy just to help closing-up projects and helping you meet your deadlines." - "Frankly, I really don't care what a company does or the politics involved. I'm not the kind of person to tell you how to do things or boss people around, I just want to come in every day and knock-out awesome code. I'd like to be involved with future projects at the design stage, but I'm also happy just to resolve the development challenges of making code do things efficiently. Maybe I'd like to mentor people in the future, but right now, I just want to roll-up my sleeves and get to work." Again, look at what the company is looking to do and see how you can fit into that vision. Don't see a fit? Then thank them for their time and leave. Really. Otherwise, keep the focus on them and how they can use

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