Leadership Essay

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Leaderhip characteristic In determining the characteristic of effective leader, it is essential to first be aware of how a leader needs to perform. A leader communicates directly with individuals, creates and maintains relationships with followers, inspires and motivates them to carryout the organizations objectives. According to Burkhart (1999), ”Leadership is a process by which a person influences other to accomplish an objective and directs to the organization in a way that makes It more cohesive and coherent”, An effective leader complete this process by using their leadership characteristics. And Characteristic of an effective leadership include principles, ethics, values, knowledge skills and attitude. Ricky is very productive and have a long vision plan, and he think and conduct themselves as a leader for positive impact on followers of organization. In 1999, HFT launched the product of herbal tea into a glass bottle and next year 2000, the products is enhanced to PET bottle packaged. This innovation package break through the traditional image of herbal tea that is portable and easy to purchase in neighbourhood store. This is the milestone of traditional herbal tea go out to the public market or to global from the mini store. In 2003, HFT expanded their sales net work to USA and Canada. And obtain the awards of national intangible cultural heritage in 2007. Today, HFT are now the largest herbal tea group in Hong Kong with 700staffs, Self-invested factories in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and a sales network with extensive coverage. As a visionary leadership , Ricky have brought the proved long vision to the HFT. In order to motivate staff, Ricky have introduced a jobs routine program very quarter of year called “Critical Moment”. It aimed to motivate the head office staff to the front line retail store to train and assist the front line staff. At
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