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LEADERSHIP 1 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Aaron Breckenridge BUS 318 ROBERT KANE JUNE 4th, 2012 LEADERSHIP 2 Leadership & Organizational Behavior What is Leadership? Leadership is a concept way of life and aspect of continuous evolution. It's a process in which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes the right choices. It's almost impossible to narrow down or pinpoint a direct definition. The topic of my leadership essay will be “ How organizational behavior and leadership coincide with one another to generate a successful leader. Good Leaders are made by training and not born being good leaders. Those that have the will power and desire can become good leaders. Leaders develop through a process of self study, education, training and experience. This will help and inspire your workers to become a highly successful team-working team. Most good leaders work continually on studying to improve their leadership skills. There are two things you can say about leadership that holds true. 1) Leaders are important. 2) There is always some type of crisis or problem at any given time, shortage or incompetence. Many managers over the United States recognize the essential role that effective leadership plays in organizational behavior. Effective businesses leadership is an important quality for many to be successful. All leaders differentiate the results of their employers and they can differentiate the satisfaction levels of

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