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As a company, Microsoft is the leader in computer software for operating systems. The management of the company is excellent with accountants, financial operations, attorneys, software designers and engineers, and marketing that is among the best in the world. While all this is great, it is really the leadership and leaders who make the vision of Microsoft the outstanding company it is. Bill and Melinda Gates and Steve Ballmer are the leaders. It is their vision and their goals that excite and motivate the employees to go further, be more creative, stretch their imaginations and take the products further than anyone thought they could go. The leaders expect the products they create to be excellent and improve the lives of computer users. They want the products to be easy to use. And they want the products to sell well to advance the visions created for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is up to the management to make sure the goals and expectations are carried out. Leaders provide the vision. Leaders provide the vision and the goals. Management is the tool to motivate the employees to make those goals and the vision reality. When the atmosphere is exciting and creative, the company can thrive. Healthy organizations allow for creative thought and reward excellence with appreciation and support. Planning, organizing, leading, and depending on what book you are using coordinating, controlling, or evalutingare important. I use evaluations since I think this is often the most important and most overlooked. Organizations that have a plan and if the plan is complete are successful because they have not only an idea, but a way to reach a goal and make the outcome work. The plan should have the goal, how to reach it, and what should be done in case of problems. Organizing means that all the details are noted and checked and that supplies are ordered and the

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