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Leadership Leadership. One word and yet so many different views on what it could possibly mean. While writing this essay many of my friends and family members felt obliged to have their say in the topic. And after long draining sessions of hearing all of them (much reluctantly on my behalf) I was forced to consider can we really give any one definition for such n abstract word? The dictionary defines leadership s directing or heading and running on a course. Is this definition really the right one? Or rather is it the only one? Most of the view points I received were based on our nation’s leaders. They compared the old leaders such s Jinnah that led n entire nation provided them with aims, targets and a sense of control and direction and saw to it that they were carried through, to the new leaders that were unable to maintain peace and order in the country. Leader to them was someone who listened to his followers and furthered their cause while adding his own views. Unlike the leaders of the present which in their opinion were weak in comparison and unable to stop others from stepping all over them. To them a leader was a figure head that others follow. But the problem with this theory was that I didn’t understand how you could possibly criticize someone of not being able to work in the interests of their people, and on the other hand call them the leader of the nation. And so moved on to the next theory I was provided with. The next perspective I was forced to consider was that of a leader being “the boss of things”. He was required to give orders to others so that they may achieve the goals he has set for them. It meant persuading others that their path was the right one and helping them follow through it. To always have a backup plan for when things go haywire. To take charge during the good times s well s the tough ones, and take responsibility for both

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