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Leadership Vision Paper March 12, 2012 Introduction The topic Leadership continues to evoke conversation and controversy as individual vary in their understanding, conception and methodology. Leadership has long been viewed as ephemeral being unpredictable and engulfed in conflict. The type of leadership provided by leaders can potentially build up an individual, team or organization as well as shatter it pieces. This makes the role of leaders significant to the continued growth of the workers and the organization. All leaders of excellence exhibits exemplary leadership character traits thus they are better able to lead and find pleasure in serving or being of service to others. Author Marci Shimoff, had this to say about leaders, “In today’s unsettling world, our greatness as leaders is determined by our ability to instill greatness in others.” Leadership through the eyes of a Christian leader is the opportunity to provide guidance to a person or group with the sole intent to accomplish outline goals and objectives in a cohesive and Christian manner. A highly effective Christian leader will seek to develop oneself through personal study, education, training, experience and with the help of the Holy Spirit. Is Leadership Important? In the article titled “Leadership Gets Results” by Daniel Goleman, he stated that while there are six types of leadership styles two of which can be damaging when and when not used appropriately. The six styles of leadership are: coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pace-setting and coaching. He was careful to point out that after extensive research The Impact of Leadership Styles on Drivers of Climate report proved the coercive and pace-setting were the only two leadership styles that yielded negative results (P. 6). Why is this finding important? It is important because it inform me that by having

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