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For the college bound student, class selection can be an important factor in preparing for the independence and academic rigors that secondary education represents. One of the class offerings at my high school is Leadership, a class that is responsible for many important activities and events including dance set ups, various charity work, ASB elections, community service, etc. One of the biggest events held is the annual leadership retreat. About 50 consolers outside the class are chosen from the student body and then, 250 other students come to the camp for three days. Every year we have a massive amount of students who apply to attend this camp, unfortunately 250 is the limit. There, the students learn important leadership concepts and make life long bonds with others. I happen to be on the executive board that picks and trains counselors, plans the entire event, and make sure everything goes smoothly when we are there. This event is entirely student run, and the only appearance of adults is for supervision. I have participated in this class since my freshman year, and it has been an awesome experience. While Leadership class has taught me many important lessons, there are three that I believe will have a significant impact on my ability to excel in a college setting. Those three qualities are self-discipline, the ability to work effectively in groups, and respect for diversity. College is far more than academics; it requires one of the most important attributes all successful people have, especially leaders: self-discipline. Unlike other classes, leadership requires a high level of participation in extracurricular activities. Among them are dance set ups such as homecoming and prom, charities, an example is our work with the Well Done organization that raises wells for money in Africa, various community service projects such as renovating the Lake Wilderness

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