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Leadership It was a wet, damp and humid afternoon when Peter, George and Alvin met at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill. Peter was grinning from side to side with his arms akimbo as he stared at the peak of the hill. “What a measly hill, let’s get it over with!” He barked, with the hint of sarcasm in his voice. George sighed, followed by Alvin’s laughter “Peter, Peter. When will you ever change? Try to act tough, but actually you are the first to cower.” Peter glowered at him, but he paid no attention as he had shift his focus onto the entrance of the forest. They were staring blankly at the hill for another five minutes before George broke the silence, “We best get moving or we won’t be able to reach the top by sunset.” Peter instinctively took the lead, leaving the other two behind. Just barely an hour, Alvin complained of tiredness and kept pestering for a break. “What a weakling!” Peter exclaimed sardonically. “Enough,” George said sharply and Peter fell silent. “Alvin, bear with it for another fifteen minutes, we’re almost there.” Alvin nodded but said nothing. An hour later, a grovelled Alvin had developed a pair wobbly leg which seemed to root him to the spot while a horrified Peter was wandering aimlessly. George sat on grotesque rock, thinking hard about where he went wrong. They were lost and they had only realised it when they were not on the path anymore. Peter suddenly snapped back into reality and his face was contorted. “It is because of you that’s why we’re here!” He shouted loudly as he pointed at Alvin. Alvin’s face immediately turned red with fury upon hearing the accusation and he screamed back “Who was the one who lead us off the path? You’re the one! So don’t you put the blame on me!” Both were staring daggers at each other when George said virulently “Are both of you done? Is it time for whom to blame?” All became quiet after that, and George

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