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Teddy Aegerter BUSA 380 Leadership and Personal Development Personal Development Strategy Final Project Personal Leadership Philosophy: I would like to be a complete optimist and enjoy everything that happens to me and everything I do. I want to be known by my family as a man who loved and cared; by my friends as someone who was always there; by my employers as an honest, hardworking, fair, and responsible person. I would like to make certain I respect anyone who ever worked for me and to receive his or her respect in return. I truly believe that every action I take part in and every thought I have is directed by a sense of values and over all integrity. Not following these personal values would be the upmost disrespect of all. I highly believe that you must treat people as they should be treated. As a kid growing up my parents always taught me not only to respect them, but also respect my elders, life’s rules, other people’s feelings, cultural traditions, other peoples differing opinions, and always make sure not to judge a book by its cover. I have learned that any type of relationship is unbearable without respect in them. If I show that I respect myself then I hope that it will rub off on anyone who looks up to me and they will do the same. Most importantly I believe that you must show a sense of selfless-service, putting the well fare of others before your own. I will do what it takes to show honor and live up to all my values. Not showing honor for me and others is not showing honesty. If I don’t live what I preach then I’m being dishonest to myself and the people around me. I will do my best to show the highest level of integrity, by doing what is right, legally and morally. I will do my best to learn from my mistakes and teach other what I have learned so hopefully neither I nor they will make that same mistake in the future. All of this has aroused me

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