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Ken Tucker Ken Tucker is a global CEO mentor; he joined TAG Consulting as a Senior Partner in 2010. He has many experiences being as Strategic Consultant and taking office as CEO of Ken Tucker and Associates, LLC. He often travels around the world and subsequently join TAG's partnerships span the globe. Ken has many specialties such as helping clients to transform disjointed organizations and workgroups into high performing teams. Tucker's achievements are his bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and master’s degree in organizational communication leadership from The University of Nebraska at Kearney. He is a native of the Bahamas. He lives with his wife and children in the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan area. In the beginning of the class, he mentions that great leaders will know how to lead other leaders. The effective leader of leaders makes the kind of difference that improves individual performance and organizational outcomes. The effective leader of leaders looks to see whether his or her co-leaders have a big enough vision for their areas of responsibility. Great leaders understand the size of the vision determining the magnitude of the outcome – which mean the smaller the vision, receive the smaller outcomes. In fact, the effective leader of leaders steps back and allows co-leaders to "own" their decisions in their organizations or departments. The hardest thing happen to many leaders is difficult to let go of control. He also comments that leadership should not hold permanent position; thus, the best leaders must know when is right time to leave and move on. Another key point to take away from his Ken's lesson is the success of any organization that depends largely on how its top leader inspires and leads other leaders. Organizations seem to thrive when chief executives know how to get the most from senior managers,

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