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Leadership of Changes Change is the essence of strategic planning for almost every organization. Chapter 11 talks a lot about how leaders affect the process of a change and what should leaders do to influence a change. I summarize and highlight some points which would make leaders behave efficiently in a changing process. First and foremost, clarify the reasons and goals of a change. Leaders should make sure themselves understand what the reason and the goal of the change are and how to implement it. I always believe that the first and the most important step of doing something successfully are to define the destination and the road map to get there. As leaders, they should understand the goal and reasons clearly and convey to their followers correctly. Because most people resist change naturally, make followers and realize the necessary and importance of a change support the change process has to be given a priority. Second, support and communicate efficiently. Changes are difficult to execute for every participator, especially at the beginning. Leaders should make sure themselves open and willing to help, support and communicate with their followers. They need to help the followers adapt to the new environment, deal with difficulties. They also need to encourage followers to move on and take necessary training process in order to meet the strategy goals. One more thing, deal with resistance successfully. Resistance management is always difficult for leaders. It is the biggest ordeal for leaders to execute a strategy. Efficient rewarding and emotional care about the followers would control the resistance as less as possible. However, once resistances appear, leaders need make decisions efficiently. There is no a normal answer to deal with every resistance, leaders should analyze the situation and try their best to carry forward the change, and at the same time,

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