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Leadership European Business School University Nguyen Truc Phuong (Jasmine) Leadership 1 - Dipl.-Psych. Thomas Saller [ESSAY 1: APPLICATION OF LEADERSHIP THEORY] Link a real experience of leadership to some leadership theory Being one of the largest real estate companies in Asia, CapitaLand is led by an inspirational amazing man Mr. Liew Mun Leong - CapitaLand’s president & CEO. From a traditional property group, CapitaLand has transformed to a world-class company with its strong position in the global capital market. And its leader, Mr. Liew, was named Asia’s Best Executive of 2008 (Singapore) and Best CEO in Asia. The truly interesting story of CapitaLand is the story of the great man Liew Mun Leong and his leadership. As the trait approach suggested, it is good for leaders to have a self trait assessment so that they can know clearer their strength and weakness. Mr. Liew shared that he has a 4Ps to succeed as a leader: Paranoia, Perfectionism, Perseverance and Passion. We must agree that for different people, they will find different traits as their strength in being a leader. In this case, being paranoid means being able to anticipate and plan for unforeseen challenges to Mr. Liew. In addition, Perfectionism allows him to ensure a high standard of performance can be achieved consistently. To lead CapitaLand to its current state, Mr. Liew has overcome many challenges ranging from the burst of the Internet bubble, 9/11 terrorist attack, Iraq war, SARS, and the recent financial crisis. Without being determined, patient and having high threshold for pain, he may not be able to do it. In some extends, it is true that to be the leader of such a large corporation, Mr. Liew must possess a specific set of traits enabling him to get through difficult time and lead his people well. However, having a leader’s traits will not make a person become a great leader. The

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