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Should you audit key management personnel? Each manager needs unique skills. The manager of finances should understand effective cash flow management, and federal reporting procedures, and be acquainted with various accounting firms. They must also be able to communicate effectively, resolve personnel conflicts, make the workplace challenging and be there when they are needed. And today, they need to know how to do all of this online! If you are concerned about evaluating leadership, it should be done in the context of your business' current performance, use of the Internet, industry trends, capabilities today and in the future, business processes, organization structure, corporate culture...! It is difficult to know where to begin when undertaking an audit of this proportion. What questions should be asked? When you get the answers, how do you correlate them into a meaningful analysis of your leadership and your business? Leadership audit using expert system software Business Insight, called the "MBA on a disk", offers a unique way for you to bring structure and expert knowledge to the process of a leadership audit. You describe your business and Business Insight matches it against thousands of expert system rules drawn from real world experience and published academic research. Your insight is gained as the software leads you through the extensive analysis results. Expert System Knowledge Base Business Insight uses its extensive knowledge base of hundreds of business concepts to generate analyses specific to your business. Every major business function is evaluated, including how the manager of that function impacts it's effectiveness. You can try "what if" scenarios and observe the changes in the analyses. The analyses include: •A score card that rates your chances for success in key areas. These ratings provide the incentive for and the

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