Leadership Essay

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The leadership characteristics I chose are: Behavioral Theory - I can relate with the democratic leadership styles which includes motivation to complete tasks and active participation. I relate closely with this leadership style because information is discussed openly and everyone is able to participate. I believe that each person within an organization plays a vital role and in order to grow and be successful, it is important to hear what everyone has to say. I encourage everyone to have a voice and share ideas because it may be something that a person higher up has overlooked. I also feel like this leadership style brings out the best in people. Contingency Theory - I found the House-Mitchel Path- Goal Theory very interesting. The participative leadership style encourages employees to make suggestions and give his or her opinions to the managers, which they will use to make a decision (Sullivan & Decker, 2009) This is similiar to the democratic leadership style because it gives everyone a say in what is going on in an organization. When everyone is involved in the work place, it decreases the chance that the turn-around rate will be high. When employees are happy with his or her job, they will stick around and strive to make the organization better for the patients. Many people feel that a receptionist job is not very important, but it really is. The receptionist is the first person that the patient sees when arriving, and the last person they see when leaving. This person interacts closely with the patients and may have suggestions that could make the patients stay or visit better. Contemporary Theory - The Quantum leadership style hit home with me. The organization that I work for just upgraded NextGen, which is a EHR/EMR health system. Many employees who have worked there for an extremely long time are not happy about this. Some people simply do not enjoy
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