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Leadership Charles K 4209439 HMRT 101 Human Relations Communications January 19, 2012 Leadership Minor and Lamberton define Leadership as “[t]he ability to influence others to work toward the goals of an organization” (2010). The characteristic of leadership is very important because it is needed to motivate individuals or groups in order to succeed in any given task. Leadership varies depending on things such as organizations and communities, but it is very important nonetheless. There are different types of leadership styles that can yield success, each type working depending on many different variables. To be a good leader, we must learn from past leaders that may have led by a poor example or who were unethical in their leadership. Good leaders are ethical in their position. This essay will describe my human relations strategy for success in terms of improving leadership. Everyone has their own definitions as to what leadership is. Professor Almarie Munley explains: The topic of leadership brings about a wide variety of elements that define the various behaviors of leaders. Bass quotes Morris and Seeman who provide definitions of the various classification. One cluster of definitions makes leadership synonymous with the importance of one position. There is a second cluster that defines the leader as a focus of attention, as a representative of a group. A leader is often defined simply as anyone who engages in leadership acts. Finally, leadership has been defined as influence (2011). It is apparent that leadership is not as black and white as other characteristics may be. Leadership encompasses many different definitions, all which seem to pertain to an individual either instructing a group of people, or a person that engages in motivating others. Leadership plays a critical role in the workplace. Without leadership, organizations

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