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Leadership is defined as a way that a person influences others to accomplish an objective by directing an individual or a group of people in an effort to accomplish such objective . There is an old saying that goes , leaders are born , not made ' implying that leadership qualities cannot be learned however , I don 't believe that to be true . Any person , whether rich or poor , educated or uneducated , can be a leader but not all leaders are created equally . Technically , anyone can be a leader , but that does not mean that everyone will be an effective leader A leader is bound by his or her principles and ethics in life these are the things that help a leader to carry out the process of leadership Have you ever worked where a manager or supervisor bossed you around just because he or she had the authority to do so ? This is not an example of a leader . Just because someone is in an authoritative position , such as a manager or a supervisor , does not mean that he or she is a leader A leader is someone who people want to follow because they see that this person has achievable goals and a good perspective regarding the welfare of everyone in general . It is also important that the leader is able to communicate and understand the needs of the administration in to help make improvements when needed . I believe that in for a leader to lead , he or she must be able incorporate his or her personal beliefs along with the others ' belief so that together , they can find a common ground . It helps motivate the members of the group if the leader is able to hear their concern and if the leader is able to coordinate with them . Leaders are respected in because they respect others In for them to gain respect , leaders must be unbiased and ethical . Leaders ' success is dependent on their members , so it is important that they convey the vision and the mission in a clear

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