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Essay The American public is always going to be argumentative about law's, bill's, and above all, Reform. The most controversial reform is the financial reform. But, why does have to be? Let me explain. The main executives and wealthy people have gotten away with many injustices, like the financial bailout. The bailout wasn't really needed. It was all about getting away with one last robbery of us (the American people). It was during the Reagan years that America got greedy. Ronald used to be an actor and spokes person for companies. Then, when he ran and won the presidential election, the people he had chosen as the treasury secretary and all, were bribed to have Reagan pass the bills that the financial companies wanted. Some were not as obvious as others, some had fine print that you could only see if you were an expert at such things. An example of what a puppet Reagan was is a speech he was giving during the signing of one of these bills. During the speech, at one of the points where the senate was clapping, his treasury secretary told him to “speed it up”. Who tells the President to “speed it up”? Ever since then, Capitalism has just totally controlled peoples minds and dreams. They kept telling us that if we try hard enough, we can be rich to! Wow, what a concept! If I just work hard I'll be rich! Well, tell that to the poor family that is barley scrapping by and is working multiple jobs! Here are some of the arguments from the people that think we can become rich from just working hard. Joe the plumber! Well here is a guy that is the symbol of America! He is the hard working American That we all need to strive to be! Even though he doesn't even have a plumbers license and his little house is such a big clue to how rich he is!!! Another example of a lie is just refinance your home! If your house is worth $300,000 the your a three-hundred thousand

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