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What is leadership? It is the ability of a person to provide guidance to the group of its followers who will follow it and will achieve the common goal. It can be both emotional and rational .One will exhibit this quality in such a manner that we will be able to make it out whether his/her action is a result of someone influences; or there is some logic behind it or it’s just because of some passion or inspiration. Leadership qualities get developed as one gains more and more experience. These experiences can be negative or positive; still both of them act as a tool for growth and development. Source: Adapted from Kelly Hines, Word Press, 2009 In the next phase of this assignment I will provide the theoretical concepts of two different types of leadership instruments i.e. Skill Inventory approach and Style approach. Further to it, I will provide the detailed analysis of how these two leadership instruments can be gauged with my leadership’s styles that I have followed in my past and how it will be beneficial in long run of my life. THEORETICAL ASPECTS: Style Approach: The main focus of style approach is to emphasize on the behaviour of a leader. It clearly differs from the trait approach which focuses on personality characteristics of the leader and the skills approach which emphasizes the leader capabilities.(Source: Northouse P. 2007, pp. 69) According to researchers the style approach determines the two kinds of behaviour; relationship behaviour and task behaviour. Relationship behaviour will help the team members to feel comfortable while working with the leaders and task behaviour will help the team members to achieve their goal. So we can say the task behaviour is related to professional front and relationship is more over to build an emotional bonding. (Source: Northouse P. 2007, pp. 69) Strengths: This style was not limited to personality

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