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Unit Three: Leadership Focus Paper I still relive walking into an empty Walgreens building; alone except for the plethora of bare gondolas where canned mandarin oranges and mouthwash would sit. The lights were low and the building kind of had that new house smell; sawdust. Wide-eyed, I walked down each aisle imagining where each department sat: cough and cold, first aid, incontinence, dental, diet aids, hardware, baby, and shampoo were sitting on the back edge of the store. All unoccupied…empty. It was my job to turn an empty building into a functional pharmacy. It was my job to help staff and train a group of brand new employees. It was my job to make things work. What did I sign up for? I don’t recall volunteering for this. This was going to be the most challenging task that I’ve ever done with Walgreens. Opening a store can be a traumatizing yet exhilarating experience all at once. It almost causes all your fight or flight systems to alert at the same time. Each fifteen hour day stacked over each fifteen hour day over three weeks without rest; without reflection. A marathon to say the least, but at least in its base form it was a great opportunity to work with a clean slate. I can build the promotional spots the way I like. I can train the employees the way I like. But doing this isn’t without burden. Still, I was built for this; trained for this; ready. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was still freshly promoted to my position as an executive assistant manager; perhaps prematurely because I still wasn’t trained on all kinds of managerial procedures. The skills I did possess however were an intrinsic intelligence and a healthy work ethic. Neither of these qualities can be taught. Clearly, I was selected for this task not because I’m a standard manager but perhaps I was a leader being built into a manager. And I firmly believe now that a

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