Leaders Vs Managers Essay

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What do you think is the difference between managers and leaders? How does your own opinion compare to the text information. Do you think it is possible to be an effective manager without being a leader? Provide examples from your own experience with managers and the Week 1 readings to support your answer. I believe that manager is a title given and their responsibilities are for them to oversee and direct multiple tasks and subordinates. A manager is more concerned with achieving a particular end result. A leader usually has the same responsibilities as a manager however their approach is different. They encourage people to do their job or the task at hand. Leaders are concerned with end results but the results are more like pieces to a puzzle; each result connecting to a bigger picture. I started out thinking that it is possible to be an effective manager without being a leader but after thinking about it more I don’t think this is possible. Managers have to be leaders on some level. It’s easy to bark orders. Are the employees happy with what they are doing or do they understand why their job or assignment is important? From my experience, managers who just manage don’t particularly get the results accomplished because of employee performance decreasing. When I started working with mentally challenged adults my direct manager was great. She would get on the floor and assist when necessary and we could tell that she had a genuine care for the individuals we were serving. There was another manager that we absolutely dreaded. She would sit in the office stuffing her face and gossiping on her phone, and then would walk around doing rounds criticizing the job that was done. When she had to manage our shift we were more concerned with just getting through the day rather than the job we were doing. The shifts that she managed had the highest employee turnover which

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