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Leaders and Managers Ignacia Lucero MGT 380 Doreen McGunagle March 26, 2007 There has long been a debate concerning leaders and managers. Many of the questions are around whether they are one and the same and why or why not, are leaders and/or managers developed or are they born that way? These and many other related questions can be addressed best by the formal study of these two groups and have the affect the organizations they are in. Fist of all, lets agree that both are (or should be) integral components of any group or organization. It should also be noted that any group or organization that is not comprised of both is in danger of becoming at best inefficient and at worst, extinct. There is rarely a clear-cut mutual exclusivity between managers and leaders as leaders can manage and managers (in some cases) do lead as well. The degree to which this occurs is purely situational. It is more the situation and less the person who determines how influential the leader will be on his followers. If there is “buy in” from subordinates on the task at hand or the threat facing them, it is likely that the leader will be very successful in her or his efforts. These threats are referred to as intervening variables. It should be noted that rarely are these intervening variables explicit with notable exceptions. These are considered contingency theory applications. While widely written about and studied, a contingency theory still has its detractors due to the inherent problems with the theories. Most contingency theories are far less than specific and it is this fact upon which this healthy skepticism rests. I believe that true leaders transcend any contingency theories as their authority could well be based on position power, task structure, ability to motivate and the leader behavior employed. Whether the

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