Leaders and Managers Essay

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Top organizations don’t just become successful overnight whether it be a dominate and historic sports franchise like the Green Bay Packers or a multiple million dollar company like Apple. These outstanding and prestigious organizations all have one thing in common; an amazing leader. Without great leaders like Vince Lombardi or Steve Jobs these top organizations would not exist. In the academic study Leadership Evolution done by Ann Pace she states (2012), “Leadership today is all about experience” (p. 65). This quote translates very well with two experienced organizational leaders that I have worked with and know on a very personal level, Bobby Manning and Coach Mark Howard. Bobby Manning is the owner and director of a summer camp that employs over 200 men and women and has over 2000 kids come there every summer, called Camp Longhorn. Bobby is in charge of hiring every employee whether they be at the front desk, in the kitchen, working maintenance, medical staff, and of course the camp counselors who entertain and help the kids have the best summer. On top of making sure and teaching everyone he hires to excel at their position Bobby Manning must also ensure that everyone on his camp is safe, staff and children. I have known and worked for Bobby for five years, and to take one hundred percent responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of over two thousands parent’s children is a huge and stressful task. If Bobby Manning loses control of his empolyees of the kids then he will lose his very successful summer camp. My other organizational leader Mark Howard was the very first football coach and athletic director for the high school Frisco Centennial which opened in 2003. Coach Howard not only had to run a 4A Texas high school football program with a full coaching staff and hundreds of student football athletes, but also had to hire personnel and over see every

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