Leaders And Legislation Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Leaders and Legislation of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements Identify leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements during and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this important ratification? What legislation was relevant during these critical times? Part I Complete the following matrix by identifying 7 to 10 leaders or legislative events during the years 1954-1968 from both the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. The first leader is provided as an example. |Leader and Associated |Date(s) |Organization and/or Cause |Contribution | |Legislation, if any | | | | |Example: A. Philip |1941 |Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, which|His threat to march on Washington to protest | |Randolph | |fought Discrimination |discriminatory treatment caused former President | | | | |Franklin D. Roosevelt to react with new policies on | | | | |job discrimination. | |Rosa Parks |1955 |Montgomery, Alabama |She was the lady who wouldn’t give up her seat on a | | | | |public bus | | |1968 |Southern Christian Leadership Conference |Led many of the civil right events of the 1960s. | |Martin Luther King Jr. |
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