Leaders And Leadership Essay

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EMBA 2013 (KW15) Managing people for competitive advantage Prof. Martin Högl Reflection Notes by Rajesh Nair (January 2012) |Segment |Topic |Salient Points | |Salient points captured from SEGMENT 3 readings | |3 |Creating High |A successful team needs to know its boundaries and must be “real” and needs a compelling | | |Performance Teams |direction. | | | |The concept of X-teams must be adopted if innovation, adaption and execution are critical for| | | |projects success. | | | |Project teams that were used to be dispersed ‘across the hall’ (co-located) are now more and | | | |more ‘scattered worldwide’ (virtual teams), spanning different time zones, uneven structure | | | |and culturally diverse. | | | |While co-located teams often benefit most from a leader who acts as a facilitator, virtual | | | |teams need a manager who provides clearly defined direction and removes all ambiguity from | | | |the process. | | | |When a team works together in the same office, you

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