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leaders among men Essay

  • Submitted by: sdkiesel
  • on March 11, 2009
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Leaders Among Men

Everyone has someone who they have looked up to or who they still look up to.   In Shakespeare’s play Henry IV, Part I, Prince Hal and Falstaff are tow such characters who are followed fairly loyally. They lead both a band of thieves and drunkards as well as military men into battle. In Gus Van Sant’s movie My Own Private Idaho, which is a modernized version of Shakespeare’s play Prince Hal, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, and Falstaff’s character, portrayed by William Richert, lead a band of young thieves and prostitutes. These are all timeless groups of people.
Since the fall of man as described in The Bible, men and women have taken things that they should not have. As, long as one group has more than another, the desire in the group with less, to have more, will lead some of it’s members to steal. Thus, thieves will always exist, sometimes in groups, sometimes as solitary members of the night, lurking in the shadows, but they will always be there.
Wherever multiple groups of people exist conflict will arise. In times of conflict, the military is often called upon to end the conflict by any means needed, even if that means the giving of their lives or the lives of their friends and loved ones. Military and men fighting for what they believe in will exist until the day that no man has beliefs of his own to stand up for.
Prostitution is another timeless occupation. Since humans first came to know the pleasures of the flesh, these pleasures have been sought after. Today in many places prostitution is still legal. In Amsterdam, the prostitutes are displayed in windows as if they are mere objects to be purchased. In other cities where prostitution is not legal, the sellers have to be a bit more discreet hiding in the shadows waiting for the purchaser to approach them. Some people are unable to pick up a date in a bar; others do not have time for a relationship. There are a million reasons why someone would visit a prostitute, but the main...

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