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Positive Leader There are numerous characteristics of identifying and a pointing a positive leader. To become a leader you must be trusted by others, have good character and honest to self as well as others. The person that I look up to is my Pastor. He has given me the strength to be able to go through a lot of different situations. He has shown me that he is a positive leader by all the active things he does within the community and throughout the fellowship of the church. These are the characteristics that I look for in a leader. Leaders must be confident about their abilities to lead a group and their position of authority. Let the members know that you are flexible but only to a certain extent. You want to show them that you are sensitive to their situation but also stay firm to the rules. Leaders want to make sure that they don’t let their members down, so they excel to do whatever deems to be right for the group. Leaders will show that they are passionate. Leaders that show this characteristic motivates the group into making positive choices for themselves. Along with being passionate you as the leader must be willing to open up to the group. You don’t want to share too much of your personal life but you want to get to involved. It will make them comfortable knowing that they have some commonalties within the group whether it is the leader or a member. Another characteristic of becoming a leader is showing order of direction and having patience. You must be able to show members that when things get out of order you are able to maintain a level state of mind in difficult situations. Once a leader has shown that they have things under control the group session will proceed in an orderly fashion. Also as leaders, you must understand the motive. By this I mean, what is it that your group is looking for to gain from you as their leader. In that

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