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Jeff Karnes was a leader that shined bright in our community. He was the youth pastor at Malta United Methodist Church and he was the freshman basket ball coach. Jeff had a very common style of leadership but effective none the less. His words would fill the listeners with passion for whatever it was. There are many ways to describe how he led, but the most effective would be to give examples of his style. Also there were some Non effective parts to his style and things could have been different if he had changed his style. Jeff had a power to excite the people in his presence. An example of this can be described like this. When Jeff coached basketball he would break down the game to the players and tell them what to do whether it was to shoot in this situation or pass. His words taught and lead the kids on the team. He would give praises to lift their spirits when things were not going their way and give encouragement when someone messed up. He used his power to lead the players on his team to be better player and sportsman. Another example of his leadership could have been found any Wednesday night during The Edge youth group. He would preach the word with such passion. He led the group with an intent to teach, he used his gift of words to sway us in ways some of did not know could be used. By using these skills he led many to faith in Christ. He also would use his gift of language to help lead fundraisers. He would announce the cause and give a brief explanation of it. This was all he needed; almost every fundraiser he led had great turn outs. As a third example Jeff was a passionate supporter of many local sports. He would gather many students to games by just announcing the games. He could get many by saying little, when he tried he accomplished great things. The style of leadership through words is very effective for a few reasons. One is that people can

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