Leader Style Essay

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Leadership Style HCS 475 Ms. Shelly Uhrid April 8th 2013 Brittany Warnock Leadership styles will help with the direction of the group or team. If one does not understand the leadership style then it could jeopardized the direction of the group or team. It takes one’s knowledge to understand and identify one’s natural style of leading. A leader knows the team’s maturity and what they can handle in different situations. Some of the subjects that will be addressed in this paper are viewing the successful leader and his or her leadership style, addressing why he or she is in the leadership role, and comparing both leadership styles. In addition it will identify traits that I can learn from the successful leader along with identifying the strengths I have, which can be beneficial to the successful leader. A leader that strives to see change all over the world and help the people on the way is Oprah Winfred. She was one lady that was not born to lead, she had to work hard to get where she is today. Her determination and strengths got her here as a leader. Ms. Winfrey is one of the most successful women in the world and a world icon. She is a great leader with good direction in life. She gives motivation to others that help them in their lives (Lussier and Achua, 2010). Why is the Leader Successful? Ms. Winfred is a successful leader because she gives both charismatic and transformational leadership that allows her vision to come true. In 1991 she led the National Child Protection Act that protected children form child abusers and in 1993 this Act became a law which was called the Oprah Bill Law because of Bill Clinton. In 1986 Opera already had her own production company called Harpo Production. This business brought entertainment project to production. Ms. Winfrey was the
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