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Assignment: Five Leader Decision Styles There are five levels of subordinate participation in decision making ranging from highly autocratic (leader decides alone) to highly democratic (leader delegates to group): How does a leader decide which of the five decision styles to use? In at least one paragraph per style, explain the five styles and give an example of when it would be best for the leader to use each style. Autocratic The decision making through autocratic leadership style is helpful when the leader possesses all the essential information and has the obligatory proficiency for making the best decision. Decision made by the leader and the subordinates are then knowledgeable of what the decision is. This style of decision making is helpful when the leader is the proficient, and when a quick decision is essential. The leader takes solitary duty for the decision making. The autocratic decision making style is least helpful in case there is know-how obtainable somewhere else that the leader could be able to identify on to make a more efficient decision. For example, Colonel Gaddafi was autocratic leader of Libya before the civil war they are having now because people don't want him as a leader no more as they want their freedom Facilitative To make a decision in facilitative decision making style, a joint effort between leader and its subordinated is required in this regard. It is significant that subordinates have reach to the information essential for decision making. For ensuring effectiveness of the decision making, the leader must have the quality to motivate its subordinates. The facilitative leadership style is functional when the risks of a poor decision are least and the benefits of including the subordinates are considerable, like assembling timetables, or advantage programs. Consultative Consultative decision making takes place when the

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