Leader as Change Agent

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In the past decade, there have been rapidly changes occur in the organization related to the rapidly advancement in technology and different behavior between generation X and Y. All this changes will influence leadership in order to create effective workplace environment and satisfying employees. To overcome this problem, we will examine leaders as change agents. Which theory of leadership is most applicable to be a leader as change agent? Before we go further, we need to define and understand what change agent is. Change agent can be defined as people who take action to change the behavior of people and systems (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Hunt, & Uhl-Bien, 2012). Therefore, the leader must be able to transform by improving the habit of people and environment to the better one. As we go through all those leaderships theory, we had identify that transformational leadership theory is the most applicable to be as change agent.This can be proved by Dionne et al,. (2003) revealed that transformational leadership positively affects team communication, cohesion and conflict management. Schaubroecket al. (2007) conducted a study to investigate the group performance of financial service with transformational leadership and it was found that transformational leadership influenced the group performance through the mediating effect of team potency. Transformational leadership theory was developed by Bernard Bass that focused on both transactional and transformational leadership (Schermerhorn et al., 2012) . However, we only focused on transformational leadership. Bass (1985) states that transformational leadership occurs when the leaders can create awareness among their followers and be accepted regarding to the group’s objectives. In addition, the followers will always look into they have the same self-interest with the leaders which give benefits to others. (Schermerhorn
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