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Leadership concepts Good leaders are made not born. With desire and willpower, one can become an effective leader. Leaders can be developed through a process of self-study, education, training, and experience. To inspire workers into higher levels of teamwork, there are certain things one must be, know and do. These do not come naturally, but are acquired through continual work and study. Good leaders are continually working and studying to improve their leadership skills; they do not rest on their past laurels. Definition of leadership Leadership is how a person influences or inspires others through a process to achieve an objective and directs the organization towards cohesiveness and coherence. Trait and Process Leadership Model The skills and knowledge processed by the leader can be influenced by the leader’s attributes or traits. These attributes give the leader unique characteristics. Skills, knowledge, and attributes make the Leader. A leader must be trustworthy and able to communicate a vision of the direction the organization needs to go. Factors of leadership Leader A leader knows who he is, what he knows and what he can do. The followers are the ones who determine if the leader is successful. If the leader lacks confidence or is not trusted by his followers, they become uninspired. Hence, the leader has to convince his followers that he is worthy of being followed. Followers Different leadership styles are required for different people. A good leader must know his people and apply the different styles, eg, a new hire will require more supervision than an experienced worker. A good understanding of the individual’s needs, emotions , attributes and motivation is the basic starting point. Communication Two way communication is of utmost importance. Sometimes, by setting an example is a good non-verbal communication.

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