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My classroom discipline policy (see prescribed book pp 107–109 and the study guide pp 40–42 for relevant information) Aim for our class The aim for ou class is always to strive for effective learning. We are here to learn and not to play or socialise. As individuals we must each reach our full potential in each of the subjects. The aim of group work is to learn together, not to socialise. Our general behaviour Our class rules and procedures: Our teacher greets us at the start and the end of the day/lesson. We enter and leave the classroom in an orderly manner. When the teacher speaks we keep quiet and listen. We do our homework and classwork diligently without wasting time. Our exercise books and textbooks are always available. We do not walk around during lessons. We only pack our books when the bell has rung. Behaviour in our class: The teacher and learners always treat each other with respect. We never mock or belittle one another. We always try to be positive and friendly in class. We do not swear and we are not dishonest. Our teacher has no “favourites” and treats all learners in an impartial manner. We do not hinder one another in our work. Task division in our class Appointed learners clean the blackboard when asked to do so or at the end of each period. Appointed learners take in handbooks when asked to do so. Appointed learners sweep the classroom at the end of the day/every morning. Appointed learners water the plants regularly. Learner leadership in our class Our class leader is responsible for class order in the absence of the teacher. Our class leader is responsible for the weekly appointment of learners to do the various tasks in our class. Group leaders are responsible to stimulate discussion during groupwork. Group secretaries are responsible to take notes during groupwork and to report back to class. Discipline and order in our class We discipline

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