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Heather Singley EDL 810 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to decipher the type of leader that I am and to understand how my leadership style promotes or hinders my job performance. Based on the surveys that I completed about myself and the ones that I had others complete about me, I feel that I have learned valuable information that will help me strengthen my abilities as a leader. I have quickly learned that the way you see yourself is not always the way that others perceive you. Leadership Self-Assessment Activity Analysis I scored a 189 on the Leadership Self-Assessment Activity Analysis. My score fell into the category of a person who is well on their way to becoming a leader. I was pleased with my results on this survey. My score for the majority of this survey consisted of fours and fives. The areas in which I scored a two, were areas in which I have limited control. For example, one of the statements on the survey pertained to developing a budget for my department. I put a two, because in my district the principal has virtually no control over the allotment of money for their school. I am given a budget sheet with the amount of money that I have for the year. Then I decide how to allocate the funds within my building. Another area that I scored low in dealt with setting guidelines for how others treat one another. I try my best to lead by example and treat everyone with respect at all times, but this survey brought to my attention that I have never formally set guidelines with my staff. This is an area that I must improve on, in order to promote a more empathetic and loyal staff. Leadership Style Survey The results of the Leadership Style Survey did not come as a surprise to me. I scored the highest in the participative leadership style area. I have found over the years that the best way to get teachers to

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