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This paper explores conclusions set forth by Daniel Goleman’s “The Intelligence of Emotional Leaders” (1998) and Mitch McCrimmon’s “Thought leadership: A Radical Departure from Traditional, Positional Leadership” (2005) in which each author asserted what he believes to be the key ingredients to effective leadership. For Goleman, emotional intelligence is the key, and for McCrimmon, the key is thought leadership. One will explore the conclusions set forth by each author, discuss the evidence used to support such conclusions, and ultimately determine which of the two articles most convincingly asserts the key ingredient to great leadership. Emotional Intelligence In Goleman’s “The Intelligence of Emotional Leaders” (1998), he asserted the general conclusion that the greatest and most successful leaders possess not only traditional intellect, but also emotional intellect, which he deemed the rarer of the two. He then explained the five different levels of emotional intelligence and how each of them is integral to successful leadership. The first level of emotional intelligence that Goleman discussed is self-awareness. He believed that listening to one’s instincts makes him self-aware, which leads to making rational decisions, assessing one’s limits and abilities and gaining confidence. He explained that being self-aware means being conscious of and not ignorant to how one feels when making a decision about something that is important enough to ponder over. This consciousness includes listening to one’s instincts when pondering a decision, which will produce a decision that is well-informed because it has taken into account those things that are important to the decision maker, such as his or her morals and values. Goleman reasoned that such behavior will lead to one’s own assessment of him or herself where the individual recognizes where s/he is strong and

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