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Case Analysis 2 MGT 3630 After researching Trump what really stands out is his need for power, showing in every business and piece of real estate he owns. Every casino, building, golf course, book, and show has his name on it. He possesses characteristics of both charismatic and transformational. He has a very powerful, influential and energetic personality, which has made him a great leader. He is innovative, powerful and credible. He has successfully made his good image in the minds of the people and therefore today, people all over the world accept him as a great leader. He possesses both referent power and expert power. Donald Trump is a master of his subject and his knowledge i.e. in property has made him expert in his field classifying him having the expert power. Donald Trump has referent power and influencing personality, which has resulted in retaining employees at Trump Organization. The behavior of Donald Trump as seen in big five personality model, exhibit his quality of being extrovert, less agreeable, conscientious, good emotional control and keen to openness of experience. Due to his traits and behavior, he can be seen as a result oriented person. Therefore, he is more towards adapting achievement culture in his workplace since in achievement culture are emphasizes on competitiveness, aggressiveness, personal initiatives and willingness to work long hours. Besides that Trump’s always mention “It’s not Personal, it’s just business” which implies a separation in individuals between public and private life. (Donald Trump, 2007) Donald Trump has earned a reputation as optimist as a businessman who can spot business opportunities even in ambiguous situations, as he describes in the ‘Think Big’ publication. “I was relentless, even in the face of total lack of encouragement, because much more often than you’d think, sheer persistence is the difference

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