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The Facets of Leadership In our readings, we’ve understood the contrasts between leadership and management and how both are required to run an organization. While management is a scientific aspect that consists of a set of rules and principles which outline specific tasks to be completed in a certain timeframe, leadership is a quality that helps align employees to a particular goal in the company, encourages communication and helps climb the ladder to success. In this essay, the commendable leadership qualities of the CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi are outlined. We look at the different aspects of her management and leadership qualities- strategic decision making, vision for the company, relations with employees, and how every aspect helps the organization. Nooyi began her career with PepsiCo as Senior Vice President (SVP) of Strategic Planning and soon rose to the position of President and CFO and eventually chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. She made incredible strategic decisions such as acquiring Tropicana in 1998 and a $13 billion move to acquire Quaker Oats 2 years later (which was one of the biggest food deals in corporate history)(1). These examples give us an idea of the essential leadership she provided as well as her management methods in PepsiCo that catapulted the company’s profits. In the book, “No fear of failure” by Gary Burnison(2), she explains how leadership is vastly different at various levels of the organization- the requirements for leading the organization do not grow vertically but exponentially. She mentions her five Cs model- competence, confidence to have the courage to make the tough calls, communication skills to convey your vision and direction; compass pointed north to your true values; compassion- empathy, not sympathy. Such a model sums up the definition of leadership. In our readings, we looked at the necessity of a leader to have a

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